Minimise your training spend and increase your Return on Learning (ROL) through 100% training online

NEXT aligns your training requirements with the most effective funding models.

We provide innovative eLearning solutions tailored to your needs helping you stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving world. We bring you 100% Online Training Solutions

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We create bespoke solutions for clients wanting to digitise learning in their organisation. Our extensive range of offerings enables us to develop a solution that will specifically fit your business.


Our learnerships are offered completely online resulting in less time out of the office and increased productivity.

No travel costs

Learners are not required to travel to a venue and can access their course material anytime, anywhere.

Admin cost and management time

Our efficient learner management system ensures that you are able to benefit from an online log of your learners interactions and submissions allowing you to compile the information you require for verification for B-BBEE points or your relevant SETA, quickly and easily.


What we do

NEXT provides advisory and skills development solutions to businesses that drive economic growth by transforming training centres from cost centres to profit centres.

We provide innovative eLearning solutions tailored to your needs helping you stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving world. We bring you 100% Online Training Solutions.

Bridge the skills gap

NEXT delivers content that is relevant and on target with your business strategy ensuring you reach your goals and maintain a competitive edge whilst meeting your legislative requirements.

Invest in your employees

By actively investing in your employees you create better employee retention and by association, better retention of your clients, as your quality of service increases. We provide a cost effective solution to upskilling your employees which will help you get more out of your money.


How we do it

Our solutions are designed to improve our clients training efficiencies, through creating bespoke and inspirational learning journeys for your business needs.

Our 12-month, industry-specific and generic learnership programmes are specifically designed for businesses that wish to qualify for additional learnership tax rebates and SETA funding, as well as those that wish to maximise their BEE points and qualify for additional bonus points.

We use technology to ensure that we deliver and distribute quality products to the African market.

We offer strategic advice and long-term partnerships. Guiding and advising you all the way to success.

We provide you with the tools so reaching your targets are within your control.


Bespoke online learning journeys

We align mandatory training spend and content requirements with your skills development strategy, making training content remain relevant in a world that’s being automated.

100% Online

Short certified courses

Full Qualifications


Real-time reporting with interactive dashboards


Contact us

If you’d like to digitise learning in your organisation, please contact us on the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.